What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Some people find their first appointment exciting and stressful, whilst others may feel calm and relaxed. Every individual has different reactions though everything discussed is treated in confidence. Our sessions which usually last 60 minutes begin with me explaining about the service, what I offer and how I work, I will discuss things like confidentiality at this stage.


We will then use the remainder of the time to consider what brings you to therapy, our conversation could include things like your relationships, your childhood, your emotions, thoughts and behaviours, or situations or events you find difficult. I will usually take a brief history of the troubles you are experiencing and I may ask you to complete some forms to help me gain a better understanding of your needs. During this time a fuller picture will begin to emerge and you may be aware of other things that were not previously on your mind.


By the end of the first session you will have a better understanding of what therapy is and how it might support you. I will have gained a greater awareness of your needs and will have discussed with you the practicalities of therapy, so things like frequency of sessions and how fees are paid. I will have explained the cancellation policy and how I keep your records safe. 


During this first session or at any time you can ask me about my qualifications and experience, You can also ask any questions about your therapy or anything you don’t understand. The therapy relationship is one built on trust and I actively encourage clients ask to questions and tell me if something doesn’t work for them. Therapy is a dual process and one of mutual respect and undertsanding and so in the therapy room we are both equal and our sessions together offer you a safe place to talk, a safe place to work things out and a safe place to move towards change. 

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